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The German MedTech company danumed Medizintechnik develops, manufactures and distributes a wide range of innovative, high-quality ENFit enteral feeding devices and accessories.

About us

Premium enteral feeding products from an innovative German manufacturer

danumed Medizintechnik GmbH develops, manufactures and distributes a comprehensive portfolio of innovative and high-quality enteral feeding devices and accessories - from gastrostomy buttons to enteral syringes.

Being an innovative German Medical Technology company, danumed convinces with high quality standards, many years of experience in enteral nutrition and a strong customer orientation.

Patient safety and comfort have top priority at danumed and are ensured with innovative product design. All products comply with the standards DIN EN ISO 20695 and 80369-3 and are equipped with ENFit® connectors. To ensure safe use and a long service life, all our enteral application products are made of high-quality materials, all latex-free, DEHP-free and BPA-free.

With continuous product optimisations, danumed also improves patient comfort. The innovative rotating ring ENSwivel® enables effortless connection and release of ENFit® connections and makes life much easier for patients and users.

danumed Medizintechnik GmbH
Stadtamhof 18
93059 Regensburg

Phone: +49 941 890588-80
Fax: +49 941 890588-81
Internet: www.danumed.com

Contact person

Hans Winklmann
Managing Director
Phone: +49 941 890588-80
Leah Zabler
Business Development Manager
Phone: +49 941 890588-80

Products and Services

Premium enteral feeding devices and accessories, all equipped with ENFit® connectors:

danuButton® Gastrostomy Button: Low-profile gastrostomy button with inflatable internal retention balloon. Different sets with comprehensive accessories.
danumed® Extension Set for Gastrostomy Button: With ENFit® and rotating ENSwivel® connector, available in numerous versions and sizes.
danumed® GastroTube: Replacement gastrostomy tube with inflatable retention balloon, with single ENFit® or Y-ENFit® connector and in different sizes. New optimised design with 90° retention plate and ENSwivel® rotating ring.
danumed® Enteral Syringes: Single-Use and Single-Patient Use versions. Sizes from 1ml to 100ml, with female ENFit® connector and small sizes with low-dose tip.
danumed® FeedBag: Empty bag 1500ml
danumed® Gravity Sets: Gravity feeding sets in 3 versions: with ENPlus Spike, with spike and universal adapter, with fixed empty bag 1500ml.
danumed® StomaMeter: Stoma Measuring Device
danumed® Stopcock: Three-way stopcock with rotating ring ENSwivel®
danuButton® Premium Set (Gastrostomy Button), ENFit®, ENSwivel®

The danuButton® is a low-profile feeding tube for long-term enteral nutrition, made from high-quality medical-grade silicone, with inflatable internal retention balloon.

Available with extensive ENFit® accessories in the danuButton® Premium Set for easy and convenient replacement. The danuButton® is available in numerous sizes and lengths for the individual and perfect fit.
Further sets available: danuButton® Compact Set and Compact XS. All sets are latex-free, PVC-free, DEHP-free and BPA-free.

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danumed® Enteral Syringes, ENFit®

danumed® Enteral Syringes, ENFit®, available in Single Use and Single-Patient Use version. For administration of enteral feeds, medicines, fluids, for decompression and flushing. Full range of sizes from 1ml to 100ml for safe use in neonates, children and adults. Small syringes 1 ml, 3 ml and 5 ml with Low-Dose Tip to reduce dead space volume and help prevent medication overdosage. Wide range of accessories, e.g. Syringe Caps (one size fits all) and Enteral Straws in various sizes/lengths.

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danumed® GastroTube (Gastrostomy Tube), ENFit®, ENSwivel®

The danumed® GastroTube is a sterile replacement gastrostomy tube made of high-quality medical-grade silicone, designed for long-term enteral nutrition. The gastrostomy probe has an inflatable retention balloon and a new, optimised 90° external retention plate for safe and easy fixation. Available with single ENFit® or Y-ENFit® connector and in a variety of different sizes for individual and perfect fit.
NEW with ENSwivel® rotating ring for even better patient and user comfort.

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News & Innovations

danumed Medizintechnik GmbH sets new standards in enteral application technology: Proudly presenting the new danumed® GastroTube with optimized design

danumed Medizintechnik GmbH, an innovative, German medical technology company with many years of experience in enteral nutrition, always pursues the goal of permanently improving its own enteral products in terms of patient safety and comfort.

Two innovative product features now make the danumed® GastroTube an exceptional product that sets new standards in comfort and ease of use:

The new 90° danuPlate, a soft, external retention plate, stands for more discretion, because the kink-free 90° guidance makes the GastroTube more inconspicuous under clothing. In addition, the new 90° danuPlate is extremely easy and comfortable to use.

The ENFit® connectors of the danumed® GastroTube are now all equipped with danumed’s innovative swivel ring, the ENSwivel®. This allows ENFit® connections to be connected and disconnected effortlessly and without twisting the tubes.

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ENSwivel® – More comfort for patients and users

ENSwivel® – An innovative product change that makes the life of patients and users of enteral application devices so much easier!

danumed Medizintechnik GmbH always pursues the goal of permanently improving its own enteral products in terms of patient safety and comfort. With the introduction of the ENSwivel® connector, this goal has once again been achieved.

ENSwivel® stands for an ENFit® connector with a rotating ring, which allows for effortless connection and disconnection of ENFit® devices. Even very tight connections can be easily released. This feature avoids any twisting of the enteral tube which is both painful for the patient and inconvenient for the user.

All danumed products are equipped with ENFit® connectors, and many of them already offer the advantages of the ENSwivel® connector, e.g. all danumed® extension sets (for Gastrostomy Button) with ENFit®, Y-ENFit® and Bolus-ENFit®, as well as the new, optimized danumed® GastroTubes with ENFit® and Y-ENFit® connectors.

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